Tips for Job Fairs

If you are a job seeker looking for a new position, or are a college graduate taking that initial step in light of that snappy new college degree to work, you should become a big proponent of job fairs that are held throughout the nation. Job fairs have now become so prevalent that unless you inhale from a rural area, you should have no problem finding many plenty of them.

The job fairs usually has a theme to them based on different professions and careers, but most offer the job seeker the opportunity to speak with representatives and recruiters from different companies that are recruiting talented new employees to come and work for them. Many times the actual interview is conducted right there on the spot and they will have you fill out a job application as well, which really speeds up the process of landing gainful employment.

It actually works both ways in that job fairs also allow the job seeker to interview in question the perspective employer. Here the employee and waiting can actually learn more about the company in the position that is being offered while comparing them alongside of the other participants at the job fair. So basically, everyone here is trying out in some form or fashion.

Job fairs are held for many industries such as the health care industry, especially for nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, physicians assistants, and other supportive technical personnel. You would be amazed that the number of shortages and staff that the health-care industry is dealing with. The health care industry is growing with the increased demand for patient services directly related to the huge baby boomer population, the first of which are now entering into retirement.

Job fairs for health-care workers are some of the most popular ones that are held because that is where the need is truly great. Job fairs for health care professionals seeking new opportunities the chance to browse around at the different health care delivery systems, how they are different and yet the same. You could have the same job title in one place, yet be much happier doing that same job in another. Of course this isn’t just the health-care industry or that rule applies.

Because the United States is on the dawn of what some are calling a health-care crisis, new graduates such as nursing students stand a real good chance of being hired rather quickly and they’re usually snapped up at job fairs. Job fairs are a great place to compare benefits, sign on bonuses, and relocation and travel packages offered by competing agencies and health care delivery systems. Nurses can also complete continuing education units (CEUs) toward license renewal at health professional job fairs by completing a class or lecture. Many times you can even negotiate your own terms as far as starting pay and benefits. That is how badly nurses are needed right now.

Of course you will be inundated with various informational packs like brochures and recruiting literature that you picked up from the job fair. These health-care companies are selling themselves, and you are the target. Be sure to pick up a free tote bag that is available by various vendors at the job fair to carry your materials because believe me, you’ll need it.

John Kirsch usually also offer tips on how to spice up your résumé and improve on your interview skills. This is usually done by the company that puts the job fair together as an added enticement to get people to turn out. It’s a pretty good idea actually. I recommend that you Attend as many different job fairs as you can because different companies may be sponsored at each. Don’t jump at the first often that you get, do yourself a favor and take a good look around. This will give you the opportunity to connect with more potential employers at these job fairs, which will greatly increase your chances of getting a position that you truly can be proud of.