Implementing Health and Social Care Policies

This article is discussed Implementing Health and Social Care Policies. Health and social care are the basic and important component in the care practice. It also covers essential elements like following all the setups of legislations, regulations, policies defined by the health and social care act of the nation. 

In code of practice some standards are decided by the government of the UK for all the employers of health and social care Homes. So that they must follow all theses in providing the services to the patients and also according to the law and regulations prescribes. So that all service is given with the all justice. Article 3 and article 8 are the part of it. There are strict regulations for compliance for these rules, regulations and guidelines to be followed and proper implementation policy shall be made. Policies and procedures are implemented in following manner:

All legislations are made by the government of the country. These are the setup of laws for the welfare of the health and social care of the people which can be change from time to time for providing more benefits. Regulations state the power which the ABC care homes have in providing the services or duties towards the patients. Regulations are:

Policies, legislation, regulations and codes of practice that are relevant have following policies:

Care quality commission regulation has following policies that ABC home care has to follow:

Data Protection act can be implemented in the ABC health care so as to protect personal information of service user. Confidentiality shall be maintained at health care. There shall be separate policy for protecting data from the vulnerability of hacking and leaking confidential information about patient or service users of ABC health care. There shall be proper and adequate process or procedure of recording data, storing data, accessing data and authorisation of data or other information. Breaching of such policy provisions shall attract penalties and staff and workers shall be informed about authorization process for accessing information. 

Provisions of equality act shall also be implemented in the ABC health care by formulating separate terms of same. There shall be no discrimination in terms of services and equal treatment shall be provided to service users. Under this act that is to be applied at ABC health care, any kind of harassment will not be tolerated, fair treatment shall be provided and other unequal treatment shall be removed or overcome at workplace.

Another policy or act that shall be applied at ABC health care is of maintaining care standards at work place. Standard services shall be provided to all the patients or service users i.e. low quality services or below standard services at ABC health care shall be overcome. According to care Standard Act 2000, each and every health care shall provide their services with quality. There shall not be any case under which low quality services or no services are provided to ant service receiver at ABC health care. Therefore these legislations shall be applied and policies shall be formulated in this regards.